About Me

My name is Hugo Macedo and this is my professional blog where I expose some of my points of view about subjects that I care about professionally – Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

The name “En x 4” (“EN” times 4) comes from the “equation”:  ENtrepreneurship + ENvision + ENable + ENergize

– Envision, Enable, Energize – are 3 key behaviours of a Leader that I leaned when I worked at Procter & Gamble (1997-2001) – I find that still today they make a lot of sense and frame Leadership behaviours and all that it involves – the person, the other, the team and the organisation – I’ll make a post about this

– Entrepreneurship – a new word is added to the 3 above that I think is essential in the times we live in – not only because we need to create new companies but specially because of the attitude and the methods – the attitude of creation embracing and leading with uncertainty – there is a post about this here.

So, the equation summarises the behaviours that for me are critical in the XXI century for each one of us and for the organisations we belong to.

A bit more about me….

I discover and develop market opportunities using my experience and knowledge of marketing, digital business, product development and strategy and leveraging on my leadership and team management skills.

I have a broad experience in creating new products, new business ventures and knowledge of many different areas such as sales, legal, finance, IT and HR to be able to turn ideas into solid results.

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